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Structural Analysis Software in the Cloud.

  • Analyzes steel structures to the AISC Code
  • Work anywhere! Run analyses on a PC, a tablet, or a phone
  • Saves on IT support - nothing to install
  • Validated against AISC Design Examples
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See how easy modeling can be!


Easily build your structural model

  • Model graphically or via text input
  • Zoom/rotate/pan using mouse, toolbars, hot keys, or touch commands
  • Database of 6,500+ AISC, BS, IMCA, and IS steel shapes provided
  • Auto-modelling of columns, beams, and braces
  • Select/view/hide elements graphically or by group name
  • Import of CIS/2 files
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo

See CloudCalc's analysis capabilities in action


Perform the following analyses

  • Static analysis of uniform/concentrated dead/live loads
  • Code checks against AISC ASD and LRFD Codes
  • Non-linear effects (P-delta and automatic stiffness reduction)
  • Calculation and animation of dynamic modes of vibration
  • Response spectrum method for seismic analysis
  • Formatted report with nodal displacements, element forces and stresses, reactions, code compliance ratios

Cloud Calc News

The CloudCalc Team

Built by engineers, for engineers.

Our team has a diverse background that covers structural analysis, cloud based applications, and AISC code.
Tom Van Laan
Founder & CEO
 Our team is experienced in structural engineering software and steel structure design.
Jane Stewart
Engineering Subject Matter Expert
Our team members offer expertise concerning AISC code, structural engineering software, and cloud based solutions.
Rakesh Agrawal
CloudCalc's team members all offer decades of experience in structural engineering software.
Paul Cook

Affordable Prices, Flexible Durations

By the Month

$89Per Month

  • Drop and add licenses as neeeded
  • $1068 annualized
30 Days free Trial

2-5 Months

$79Per Month

  • Good for short term projects
  • $948 annualized
30 Days free Trial

6-11 Months

$69Per Month

  • Good for temporary staffing increases
  • $828 annualized
30 Days free Trial

One Year Plan

$59Per Month

  • Best price, lock in savings for the year
  • $708 annualized
30 Days free Trial
Please contact us if you are interested in cloud based software, steel structure design, or structural analysis.

Come work for CloudCalc

CloudCalc is looking for creative, energetic, enthusiastic team members who are ready to build a brand new industry. If the startup lifestyle is for you, if you love software (using and developing it), are an engineer at heart (or better yet, by profession/training), and believe in pushing the status quo further than it’s ever been pushed before, we want to talk to you!

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CloudCalc, Inc. is looking for a developer who can work on a calculation intensive, graphic oriented, cloud-based, multi-tenant application, in an environment where accuracy is mandatory and performance is paramount.

We're looking for someone with experience in Cloud Computing, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, three.js, AJAX, PHP, SQL, and C, running on multiple browsers on PC, Mac, Android and OS mobile devices.

Interested? Please send your resume and compensation requirements to today.

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CloudCalc, Inc. is seeking a part time marketing intern (student or recent graduate) to perform a number of marketing tasks: execute social media campaigns (primarily LinkedIn and Twitter), help create ad media and manage its placement, develop content for blogs and other marketing materials, web site maintenance, and help promote the CloudCalc user community.

Most importantly, the candidate must be creative, with strong communication skills. Second most important, would be familiarity with social media, Wordpress, Photoshop, Google (Ad Words and Analytics), and basic web development capabilities. Any past experience with engineering software -- or an ability to learn about it -- is a plus.

Interested? Please send your resume to today.

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